Affordable Garden Tools: Where to Find Them

150507_EM_Expert_GardenToolsWould you like to start a garden in your yard?  Are you looking to replace those aging garden tools that you do have?  I   f so, you might find that it is a challenge to find affordable garden tools.  You might be surprised to find out just how expensive garden tools can be!

As is the case with most things, when there is a demand for items the cost creeps higher and higher. You will notice this when you start shopping.  When you see good deals you should pick up the affordable garden tools and then you should tell your friends about them so they can take advantage, too!

The best thing you can do is inquire about upcoming sales when you are looking for affordable garden tools.  When you keep your eyes out for the items that you need and you talk to your store personnel, you may be able to save quite a bit of money.  Let store employees know exactly what you are looking for and you may be surprised as to what you find out about impending sales. Asking questions about when the next sale is will allow you to save up to 30% off of the original sales price.

Shopping Discount 

The fact of the matter is that there is not any shame in trying to get affordable garden tools. There are a lot of outlet stores or department stores that carry items from the previous year and although they are last season’s stock, they are still brand new and there is nothing wrong with them at all. Checking out used garden tools is also a great option.  With just a bit of TLC you can remove any dust, grease, and grime and get nearly free garden tools!

Yard sales and farm sales are a great way to get affordable garden tools that you need. There are always people willing to sell their items at discounts and you never know, you could end up leaving as one happy and surprised customer. Some people have such an issue with shopping that they over stock themselves with tools and therefore end up selling their older, but never used, affordable garden tools. You can get nearly new items when you shop for affordable garden tools in this manner.

What A Good Gardener Must Know About Garden Watering Tools

Water for the plants in your garden is like food for your family members in your home; something that you must provide unless you want the unit to perish. As long as it is raining, you need not worry about watering your plants. However, as soon as the summer starts with the sun rays mercilessly drying out the moisture in the soil, your plants need help. They need to be watered daily; if possible twice a day.

Some Important Facts About Garden Watering Tools

The garden watering tools would work well if you would have completed a few preliminary tasks. First and foremost you would need to prepare your soil to hold moisture for as long it is possible. It does not matter how good are your garden watering tools if your soil is unable to hold the water in for sufficient time. Enrich your garden’s soil with enough organic matter so it would be capable to hold in water better than say, sandy or gravel based top soil.

A great plus point that would reduce your task of keeping your plants watered well would be the proper landscaping of your garden. You could enhance the utility of your garden watering tools when the garden is organized according to the needs of its plants. In this way you cut not only your effort but also the water requirement.

Another great way to maximize the outcome of watering is mulching the planting beds. This is best done in the month of May whereby you would have the soil capable of holding in as much moisture as it is needed while at the same time regulating the core temperature to moderate warmth for the best comfort and growth of your plants.

Whatever the garden watering tools you are using, remember to water your plants according to their individual needs, as much as it is possible. Check out how much water your sprinkler distributes so you would know how long you should turn it on. Remember, too much water and your plants would rot from the roots; too less water and they would dry up. Take care you give just the right amount of water.

According to the experts the best time for watering is the time between midnight and 4 AM. Too early in the evening and you would invite fungus to set in, too late in the morning and your risk your plants from being burnt. The midnight watering would be just right for your plants. Time your watering tools accordingly.

Support your Country with Garden tools Made in America

It is time to keep more jobs in the United States not only to show some American pride in this great country but also to support our own people instead of the ones who don’t live here. One small way to do this is to buy garden tools made in America any time you need a new tool for a task in your yard.

Higher Quality Materials and Labor

When you buy garden tools made in America, you are getting higher quality products than what are typically shipped from overseas. Americans focus on items that are made to last, using higher quality materials with more time and effort built into each piece. Yes, the initial outlay of cash is more than what you might expend on something imported from another country, however, when you calculate the cost of replacing an item two or three times for every product made in this country, you end up with more money out of your pocket.

Garden tools made in America may incorporate stainless steel parts which will last for years without breakage whereas a foreign country may use inferior metals that may snap in extreme temperatures or efforts. Foreign countries may rely on child labor or sweat shops whereas the garden tools made in America are crafted by specially trained people who take pride in producing quality work in good working conditions.

Economic Reasons

Keeping your money in this country makes obvious sense as you are supporting Americans here rather than people in foreign countries who don’t care about you at all. Garden tools made in America means that American people are being employed and are earning a wage to support themselves and their family.

Garden tools made in America means that you are supporting the local economy not the economy on some foreign shore. You know where and why your money is being spent in the United States and you will reap the benefits of it too. Investing in your own economy by buying garden tools made in America will help boost this country’s position in the global marketplace.

When Shopping

When you are shopping for any products, look for the United States flag or made in the USA label so you know who you are supporting. It may seem weird looking for garden tools made in America at first, but when you do find them and compare them to foreign made tools, you will discover major differences in quality. Shopping American brings the differences in manufacturing and materials to the forefront of your purchase.

Pick the Right Garden Tools

A garden will brighten any yard with vibrant flowers, fruitful plants and a palate of colors. Yet, it’s important to get the right garden tools. Purchasing high quality and appropriate garden tools will make your job easier and more productive.

A Helpful List of Garden Tools

There are a few basic tools that every gardener should have. These products will make working in your garden easier, while also enabling you to perform vital actions that will increase the health of your plants and the soil that nourishes them. If you’re just starting out, don’t think that the highest priced garden tools are the best. As you become more familiar with gardening, you will discover which type of tools are most needed and can then invest a little more in those particular ones. You may not need all of these tools immediately, and it might even be a good idea to borrow one or two from a neighbor to see if you find them helpful and comfortable to use.

Every gardener needs a shovel. This is necessary for turning the soil, digging holes for planting and filling in those holes. Ideally, the shovel should have a flat edge at the top of the blade. This creates a spot for your foot, which helps you to push the soil down and then back up. A similar garden tool is a trowel, but you will need to get on your knees to dig up the dirt. Rubber handles are usually easier to grip, but this will be a personal choice on your part. Wide, rounded blades move the soil faster and many models are designed to take the stress off your wrist.

Garden hoes make short work of those pesky weeds. A steel blade will slice through the soil quickly, taking some of the drudgery away from this job. You will need to choose a hoe based on the area that needs to be weeded. If you are working in a tight space, choose smaller blades. Rakes are also necessary garden tools. There are several types that are used in gardens. A typical yard rake can clear away the fall leaves before spring planting. Smaller, narrower rakes may be used around existing plants and shrubs. These may come with smaller handles and rake heads.

Watering cans and a hose round out this quick list of garden tools. Normal rainfall may not be enough for certain plants, so choosing a good-sized watering can is important. Be sure to pick up the can in the store and see how it feels. A quality watering can will balance in your hand because of the placement of the handle. Don’t get one too large that you won’t be able to lift it comfortably. As for hoses, the price usually reflects the quality, so buy the best you can afford.

Conditions for the Right Garden Tool Storage

Garden tools are necessary implements for keeping your garden and lawn in great shape. Some people enjoy being in the garden but do not like to putter around it while others enjoy being in the garden hands on. Whichever type you are, you will still need garden tools for yourself or for gardeners to maintain your garden.

Garden tool storage is a necessary thing for those people with garden tools, even if you are not the one using them. The right garden tool storage unit and the proper care for garden tools can extend the life of your garden tools.

Ideas for Proper Garden Tool Storage

Garden tool storage will depend on the preferences of the individual but there are some things that need to be consistent. These things include cleaning the garden implements before garden tool storage and making sure that they are well oiled and lubricated after cleansing.

Some people consider a tool shed the proper garden tool storage unit while for others; a tool box is good enough or maybe even an old cardboard box will do! While a tool shed is ideal for those with many different kinds of tools, for people who do not have a great number of tools, one can use a tool box or an ordinary kind of box too.

The garden tool storage unit must also be clean and free of any type of moisture. Although, many gardening tools are now made from stainless or carbon coated, moisture can still affect the performance of metal tools as well as wooden tools. It is best to air dry them before garden tool storage. Wooden handles will rot easily if stored in a wet state as well as grow moss or other forms of lichens and molds. Wiping them clean and air drying them can help solve this problem.

Storing tools when dry is preferable especially if your garden tool storage unit is a tool box. A tool shed can have enough moving air that the instruments or tools can air dry but a tool box may be sealed from moving air. Keeping your garden tool storage unit clean is also a good idea because dirt can contaminate the tools as well as introduce foreign matters.

Keeping your garden tools in shape and also your garden tool storage unit clean is a good way of indirectly taking care of your garden. The proper care of your tools will also help you save money from frequently buying new tools.

Garden Tool Shed is Essential to Good Tool Maintenance

Every good gardener knows that the key to tool longetivity starts with proper maintenance of your tools. Just hosing the dirt and mud off to drying and oiling them to prevent rust, every step will be crucial.  Nonetheless, a garden tool shed is the ultimate in real maintenance when it comes to caring for your tools.

Obviously, leaving behind your tools outdoor will finally degrade their value as well as their functionality and sharing a garage with the bikes, cars and other accumulated paraphernalia means you might lose them in all that clutter. A garden tool shed is the answer to decently maintaining your tools as well as knowing just where they are.

How to Size Them Up

A garden tool shed can be as large or small as you want it to be but it is safe to say that they should be large enough to properly house your garden tools with each one having their own place. By the same token, if your garden tool shed is too large, this will entice you to use some of the spare storage for non-garden related items and finally they could take over the space.

The first thing you should do before building or purchasing a garden tool shed to assemble is to create a list of all of your tools from a riding lawn mower and weed eater to the smallest garden spade you want to store in it. You simply need to have an idea of what you are currently working with so that you can get proper measurements while leaving a bit of extra room for maneuvering and additions to your tool collection.

Materials Essential For Your Garden Tool Shed

Not handy with a hammer? then, you might want to look at purchasing either a pre-made garden tool shed or a kit that would take just a little effort to put together. There are many types of kits available these days in a diversity of styles that could easily integrate with your yard, landscaping and home. From a rustic cabin look to a garden tool shed that resembles a red farm barn, you have a multitude of choices in which to house your tools.

By the same token, these sheds also come in a assortment of materials with wood and metal being superior choices for pre-fabricated tool housing. All The Same, there are some very nice and rugged pliable plastic and fiberglass options as well that would stand the test against the outside elements such as the sun, snow and driving rain.

Ultimately, your personal tastes, handiness with a hammer or power tool and your budget will determine what garden tool shed you end up with in your yard. Whatever you decide, if you have a homeowner’s association that must okay new structures, be sure they okay the designs for your garden tool shed before you assemble it.

Getting the Perfect Garden Tool Set

Whether you are a new or professional gardener, there is nothing better than getting a brand new garden tool set. As any person who gardens will tell you, you can never have too many tools in order to run the perfect garden.

We all know that pieces to a garden tool set can break, become missing, or get stolen so having extras is always a plus.  There is never such a thing as having too many tools or one too many of the garden tool set packages. Through time, you will end using each and every piece in your garden tool set collection so it is wise to stock up when things or on sale of on clearance.

Even if you are not that big on gardening, it does not hurt to have at least one small set around the house because you just never know when you will use it. And even if you think that you never will and really do not want a garden tool set, maybe you should think about whom in your life would appreciate or make great use out of one of these. A garden tool set is a must have for anyone with a yard, no matter how big or small their yard is. And to add a little fun into the mix, for the women in your life, you could even consider a pink garden tool set.

Getting the Best Deals

When trying to buy something for yourself or for someone else as a gift, there is nothing better than getting it at a discount. You may want to think about whether you know someone that works in a store that sells garden tools so that you could take advantage of their store employee discounts. If that is not an option, then you will want to see what stores in your area are having a sale and what they have to offer in terms of a good quality garden tool set.

Yard sales are also a great place to find a used garden tool set if this is something that you are purchasing for yourself. Of course, you probably do not want to purchase a three year old used garden tool set for someone’s birthday. Also, you may want to consider online shopping, as this is the best way to find the biggest selection.

Even if the thought of shipping prices scares you, you may find things on sale or cheaper than in the stores so paying a little extra for some shipping is not really all that of a big deal. Of course, if you find that one special garden tool set that you could not find anywhere else, price may not be any cause for concern when making your dream purchase.

Garden Tool Rack Handy Storage Solutions

garden tool rackTaking care of a yard is a big job.  No matter what size yard that is being maintained, there are always numerous garden tools that are needed to handle the job.  When having so many supplies it is important to find a good way to store and organize all of these tools.  A garden tool rack is one way to help maintain the tools and have them available when they are needed.

Types of Garden Tool Racks Available

For people who want their tools organized but not stored on the floor, a garden tool rack is probably the best choice.  This type of storage unit is made to hang from the wall.  There are a variety of different styles of garden tool racks and these can be found at local home improvement centers, garden stores or even online.

These garden tool racks are designed to house different tools.  Some of the garden tool racks have large spaces in order to hold bigger garden tools such as rakes, hoes and large shovels. Some garden tool racks are made with different sized clips to hold a variety of sized tools.  Each clip is very separate allowing for a person to scan the wall quickly and find the tool that they are looking for.

There are also different ways to mount the garden tool racks.  Some are made to be connected directly to the wall while others can be hung on a peg board.  The type of garden tool rack that is hung on peg board has many different small slots so that a gardener has access to not only viewing their tools but can get them easily.  These peg boards are mounted to the wall and then the clips are then placed on the peg board.

Some gardeners find that they perefer to house all of their tools in a shed.  The shed can be made with peg boards attached to the wall and then the clips can be purchased to hang all of the tools.  The larger tools can also be housed in a shed, and even a lawn mower can be placed inside of the shed keeping all of the lawn maintenance tools in one spot.

A garden tool rack is a great way to keep all of the necessary tools for gardening available and on hand.  By having a garden tool rack, a person can have a well organized supply of garden tools right at their fingertips.

What a Garden Tool Organizer Can Do For You

It is almost that time of year again and in fact, in some areas of the country, it is always that time of year, so it is always the time to get stocked up on the garden tools we need in order to make your gardening go smoothly and efficiently.

By getting a head start because the big and busy season begins, you are often able to find yourself a lot of wonderful and great deals before everything goes up in price.  Remember, it is always cheaper to buy your supplies out of season and this will also make sure that you are prepared and ready for day one of the new gardening season.

With all of the new goodies that you are bound to stock up on, it is no wonder that you are also considering the fact that you are going to need something to keep them organized in. By buying a garden tool organizer you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. A garden tool organizer comes in handy for many reasons and the biggest one is that you will save a lot of time when trying to find that one particular tool that you need. There is nothing more frustrating then knowing that you have something but not being able to find it. With the right organization, you will be able to view everything you have and keep it all together.

Where to Buy One

There are a lot of options to pick from when trying to select the perfect garden tool organizer for you and your personal needs. The next time you are out shopping at your favorite garden supply store, make sure you take a look at the garden tool organizer options that they have available. Now in all honesty, you are not going to get the biggest and the best selection in any one store so that is why so many people shop around first before buying or simply turn straight to the Internet for their shopping needs.

On the internet, you are bound to find the biggest selection that you could ever have when shopping for a garden tool organizer. Make sure that when you begin your shopping, that you are going to try and keep in mind the shipping costs that will be associated with the garden tool organizer that you want in order to make sure that it is worth it in the long run.

Also, by checking out some of the big name auction sites, you could very well find yourself a garden tool organizer that is slightly used but that still has plenty of life left in it. Buying used or sale items are a great way to save money, which you can put towards buying more stuff.

A Garden Tool Kit as a Gift for the Budding Gardener

Just as a painter has his tools of the trade on hand like brushes, rollers and tarp, a beginning gardener needs a few basics in their tool arsenal as well. If you have a budding gardener in your life, the best gift you can give them which would definitely be used is a garden tool kit.  Of course, each tool kit is different as manufacturers may have opposing views as to which tools are deemed most important to beginning gardeners. Gardeners reap the rewards in many ways. They can use all the fresh produce themselves or give it to friends and family. If you compost, you’ll be able to use everything you grow and make sure nothing goes unused. Fresh vegetables and fruits are perfect for making juice and smoothies too during the warm spring and summer months for a nice treat.

Can You Dig It?

Perhaps the most important implement in the garden tool kit should be the hand held garden spade used for digging holes and breaking up dirt. Your beginning gardener will no doubt be digging small holes in which to plant the latest blooming annuals or even vegetable plants for a fruitful bounty in a few months. A hand rake or claw implement is another great addition to the garden tool kit as it will help with loosening dirt as well as aiding in the removal of weeds.

Cutting Down to Size

Pruning shears are important to many gardeners for clipping back straggly vines and wayward plants who seem to have developed a life of their own. These shears are another great addition to the garden tool kit because they are strong enough to cut through simple green stalks all the way to tough woody stemmed plants. Smaller clippers may be a good addition as well when your new gardener has to remove wrappings or twine from plants or even to cut string for tying supports for plants as well.

Hand Protection

Gardening gloves are an excellent addition to a garden tool kit especially when you want your budding green thumb to avoid forming cuts or blisters or even ruining a new manicure. In addition, some plants have rough stems, spiny leaves or stickers which could nick and even infect the skin. Gardening gloves can protect hands from harm so that the gardener in your life does not have to take a break due to an injury.

Another Tool in your Mist

A sprayer of various sizes can come quite in handy should you decide to include one or two of them in your garden tool kit as a gift. Some plants need simple misting of their leaves for moisture while others may need light fertilizer or chemicals for bug infestation treatment. Sprayers are a versatile tool in any gardener’s arsenal and therefore should be considered for inclusion. There are also a variety of other types of tools available but the spade, rake, gloves, shears and sprayer are enough to get any beginning gardener started.